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    My ten-year-old brother is EXTREMELY picky about what he wears. For a short, scrawny boy with braces, he sure cares a lot about his clothes. If a shirt is too itchy: he won’t wear it. If a shirt is too long: he won’t wear it. If a shirt just doesn’t give him the right vibe: he won’t wear it! His fussiness caused him to wear the same shirt everyday for about two years. He had about 12 of the exact same shirt that he would rotate through, to the disdain of all of the women in his life. However, when he started to realize that his limited closet wasn’t attracting the ladies, he accepted that it was time for him to branch out. After a few failed attempts, we found these puppies! My brother is a very avid soccer player, and Adidas is his favorite brand of all time (it is a million times better than Nike in his opinion), so these were an instant success. He now has these shirts in all different colors, and I haven’t heard a single complaint about them. I would highly recommend this shirt for the hard to shop for boys in your life. Never again will my brother have to hear comments from friends and family about how he’s wearing the same shirt in every picture! He loves these shirts. I should know, I am his big sister after all.
    This is a great quality shirt for a great price. Its for kids, not adults. Size Large fit my 10 year old perfectly. Great for bayern munich uniform soccer practice or for just hangin out. I will definitely order more.
    The material is really thin, so great to wear when she’s goalkeeping during hot summer games. Definitely helps to keep her cool when comparing with some of her other goalkeeper jerseys.

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