Our Call to Action

An international coalition of individuals and organizations is converging on Ottawa (unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory) for #NoWar2021 on June 1-6, 2021, to say No to CANSEC, Canada’s biggest annual weapons expo. #CancelCANSEC

Between now and June 2021, we’re mounting the pressure to #CancelCANSEC and demand that Canada stop all weapons sales and cancel its $19 billion competition to purchase 88 new fighter jets. Instead Canada must invest in a just recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and a green new deal that includes a just transition for arms industry workers.

Here’s how you can take action:

  • Sign & share the online letter campaign to #CancelCANSEC
  • Amplify the #CancelCANSEC message by using our media toolkit, which includes graphics, sample social media posts, flyers, fact sheets, and outreach templates
  • Organize a “What’s CANSEC? Info Session” in your community to talk about Canada’s complicity in the global arms trade
  • Divest personal, institutional, or public pension funds from weapons manufacturers and war profiteers
  • Schedule a lobby meeting with your MP to issue our demands
  • Attend #NoWar2021 on June 1-6, 2021 in Ottawa, World BEYOND War’s 6th annual global conference, to protest CANSEC and celebrate the peaceful, green, and just future we want to see, OR if you can’t make it to Ottawa, organize a local #CancelCANSEC solidarity action in your community