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    Alyssa Allen

    Darwin’s House of Cards
    A Journalist’s Odyssey Through the Darwin Debates

    by Tom Bethell

    📕 Darwin’s House of Cards — CLICK HERE 📕

    • Publisher: Discovery Institute
    • Genres: science, history, philosophy, christianity
    • ISBN: 9781936599417 (1936599414)
    • Format: paperback, 294 pages
    • Author: Tom Bethell
    • Release date: December 21, 2016
    • Language: english

    About The Book

    In this provocative history of contemporary debates over evolution, veteran journalist Tom Bethell depicts Darwin’s theory as a nineteenth-century idea past its prime, propped up by logical fallacies, bogus claims, and empirical evidence that is all but disintegrating under an onslaught of new scientific discoveries. Bethell presents a concise yet wide-ranging tour of the flash points of modern evolutionary theory, investigating controversies over common descent, natural selection, the fossil record, biogeography, information theory, evolutionary psychology, artificial intelligence, and the growing intelligent design movement. Bethell’s account is enriched by his own personal encounters with of some of our era’s leading scientists and thinkers, including Harvard biologists Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin; British paleontologist Colin Patterson; and renowned philosopher of science Karl Popper.

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