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    Bella Smith

    The Dawning Age of Ubiquitous Computing

    by Adam Greenfield

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    • Publisher: New Riders Publishing
    • Format: paperback, 267 pages
    • Language: english
    • Release date: March 10, 2006
    • Author: Adam Greenfield
    • Genres: science, design, technology, computers, business, futurism, programming, cultural
    • ISBN: 9780321384010 (0321384016)

    About The Book

    Ubiquitous computing, or what the designer/information architect Adam Greenfield calls “Everyware,” is an emerging trend just starting to gain attention as it also gains momentum. The term refers to the integration of computers embedded in everyday objects with an ever-present network — moving computing off the desktop and into every aspect of our lives, creating an environment where nearly every object is enabled with surprising new properties. We already can see evidence of this technology and the tremendous convenience it affords us in such devices as the camera phone and PDA, the EZPass that lets us pay tolls without stopping, the ID chip that helps find lost pets, the GPS system that offers driving directions, and the iris scanner that confirms a person’s identity. These ingenious systems offer convenience, innovative product opportunities, and sometimes security; but to function effectively, Everyware comes at a cost of privacy and autonomy. As consumers, we owe it to ourselves to become aware of this trend so that we can have a voice in its development.

    Through a series of brief, thought-provoking meditations, Greenfield reveals the technologies, practices, innovations, and policies that combine to make Everyware possible. He provides clear explanations of enabling technologies such as RFID (radio-frequency ID) chips, Ipv6, ultra-wideband networking, heads-up displays, and shows how they fit into the everyware puzzle, allowing people to interact with the global network naturally, easily, and even without knowing it. He also explains the trade-offs consumers make — knowingly and not — exchanging personal information and autonomy for the perceived benefits of convenience and security, distinguishing the opportunities of Everyware from its potential hazards. Everyware may be unstoppable, he argues, which is all the more reason that we as consumers should be conscious of the directions it is taking. And for his fellow designers and creators of future products, Greenfield offers principles for the development of Everyware.

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