Hopin Tutorials

On this page, you’ll find some short tutorials and how-tos to get you familiar with the Hopin platform prior to #NoWar2021.

We encourage all attendees to read through this short PDF tutorial and to watch the 15-minute video tutorial below to familiarize yourself with the different features of the platform. We have also created a 2-pager “Troubleshooting & Tips” sheet that we recommend having handy during the conference.

During the last hour of #NoWar2021, on Sunday, June 6 at 18:00-19:00 EDT, conference participants are encouraged to create or participate in attendee-created sessions. If you want to create a session during this time, here’s a short guide explaining how to make one.

Eager to hop on Hopin before #NoWar2021? Sign up for a 1 hour free Hopin demo (Hopin hosts them nearly every day!) or search the Hopin calendar for other events and conferences happening on the platform.